Saturday, October 01, 2005

scene rotation

in DefState:
0 // Rotation

in Addring:
Ring.Rot = Ring.RotDelta * Offset + m_st.Rotation;

void CWhorldView::Rotate(double Degrees, bool Repaint)
POSITION pos = m_Ring.GetHeadPosition();
double r = DTR(Degrees);
while (pos != NULL) {
RING& Ring = m_Ring.GetNext(pos);
Ring.Rot += r;
m_st.Rotation = fmod(m_st.Rotation + r, 2 * PI); // wrap to limit magnitude
if (Repaint)

Note that this causes unexpected behavior (addition, subtraction, cancelation) when rotation is inverse of LFO rotation. Also X/Y shifts are NOT rotated, so for example if Aspect Ratio is 2, the asymmetry will remain orthogonal instead of rotating. Solving this would require changes to the drawing code.

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