Friday, January 25, 2008

benchmarks for improved curve generation

In previous versions, curves were unstable (i.e. they would jitter) when star factor was negative. This occurred because the curve points were being computed from integer vertices. The new version computes the curve points from real vertices. Also, the curves points are now generated at the same time as the vertices, in a single loop, instead of in a second pass. This is more efficient, and eliminates the need for a second point array.

Comparing 1.6.06 and 1.7.03

Only the math portion of Draw is compared.

playlist: new curve alg bench.whl
patch: default
Master Offsets:
Star Factor = 1
Even Curve = .2
Odd Curve = .2

Benchmark includes code between
while (NextPos != NULL) {
rp.Delete = !RingVisible;
plus MakeCurves in 1.6.06

1000 frames

pass 1.6.06 1.7.03
---- ------- -------
#1 .001157 .000998
#2 .001161 .000995 (14% faster)

In summary, the Draw math takes less time in 1.7.03, despite having added some major new features (global parameters, curve shear). Presumably the speedup is due to a combination of better-optimized code and reduced memory usage. The global parameters aren't free, but their cost is minimal: 1.7.03 drops to around .000930 if m_GlobRing is removed from Draw.

Total time for Draw in 1.7.03: .025 in line mode, off the chart in fill mode

Same exact tests, but on the bad box:

pass 1.6.06 1.7.03
---- ------- -------
#1 .000654 .000468
#2 .000653 .000468 (28% faster)

Total time for Draw: .009 in line mode, .022 in fill mode

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